COVID-19 Vaccination Evidence Options – Reminder

Just a reminder to all VFES volunteers regarding the Chief Health Officer’s Direction issued 17 November 2021 in relation to COVID-19 vaccinations –  members must have received their first vaccination by 31 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022.  A link to the policy follows:

Members are required to provide evidence of their vaccination status to DFES using one of a number of methods provided.  More information is available on the Volunteer Hub:

Options to update your COVID-19 vaccination status

OPTION 1: Volunteer Hub

If you have already obtained your Vaccination Certificate or received your first vaccine dose upload your certificate and information on the Volunteer Hub.

Upload your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate here.

OPTION 2: Email

Attach your Vaccination Certificate with information about your first dose or first and second dose and send to:

Please include the following identifying details: full name, Volunteer ID, brigade, group or unit location and best contact number. If you do not include this information your certificate will not be uploaded.

OPTION 3: DFES Regional Office

Our DFES Regional Teams can sight Vaccination Certificates and update your record. Please contact your DFES Regional Office for more information.

OPTION 4: Brigade, Group or Unit leader collection

Your leadership team may choose to collect and collate your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates at your location. Information for how to manage this process is available from your DFES Regional Office. This is entirely optional and at the discretion of individual volunteers and/or your team.

Note: All options provided are available for all volunteers in all services across the State.