Update on Deputy Commissioner Bailey

Many of you will have seen the information in the news regarding the injuries to Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey on the weekend.

The WA Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association received an update regarding Mr Bailey’s condition from his wife Karen and they’ve allowed us to repost it here.

Update on Lloyd….well it’s now been 95 hours since the brutal assault on our darling Lloyd in the centre of Perth at 9.30 on Sat 11 Feb (on the walkway between Perth Train Station and Forrest Chase – not actually Northbridge). There has been so much love and positive energy, and many prayers surrounding Lloyd, as a result of the enormous number of friends, acquaintances and colleagues who have sent their messages of support to Lloyd and our whole family, immersing us in positivity and love.

Achieving a complete recovery from this horrific trauma is now much brighter, and, we, as a family, hold strong to the belief that this outcome is totally conceivable and expected, The physical wounds that can be ‘repaired’ have been, and our sincere gratitude goes to the staff of the State Trauma Unit at RPH under the direction of Dr Sudhakar Rao. We are very thankful to nurses Sarah, Lyn and Nicole and to Dr Michael, amongst others in the unit, who cared so well for Lloyd. We are also very grateful for the skills and expertise of Dr Frank Chang of the Maxillofacial team.

Thank you everyone!

Lloyd is now in the neurology ward and resting somewhat more comfortably than the previous days. A couple of small facial fractures will be left to heal themselves. The brain bruising is stable and now it is waiting and resting for a time frame which neurology don’t want to actually predict. The bruising on Lloyd’s brain will dissipate over the coming weeks. A third CT Scan was done today and we expect to obtain some information on that tomorrow.

Today Lloyd reached a few good milestones, with two physio staff (led by a lady who is even more bossy than me!) who encouraged Lloyd to walk unassisted at as-fast-a-pace as he could manage, up and down the long corridor of the neurology ward. As if this wasn’t exhausting enough he was then made to sit in a chair next to his bed for an hour – he lasted 20 minutes before he put himself back to bed! But it was a great effort we reckon! This evening Lloyd ate a small portion of dinner, on his own.

We are elated and proud of our dear Lloyd as each day we see him progressing a little. A way to go yet but it is within reach.

Thanks again everyone for your continued positive thoughts, healing energy and prayers.

The ESVA on behalf of all the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service brigades would like to send our thoughts and best wishes to Mr Bailey and his family and hope to see him fully recovered soon.