State Bushfire Level 3 Pre Formed Teams

At last weekend’s round of Volunteer Advisory Group meetings at DFES, the topic of pre-formed teams for Level 3 bushfire incidents was discussed.
In August, Operational Circular 70/2017 came out, with information on the pre formed teams and calling for expressions of interest.
VFES volunteers are encouraged to put in an expression of interest for the following volunteer positions:
* Personal assistants to Section Officers
* Volunteer Liaison Officer
* Runner (Field and Information)
* Deputy Operations Officer
* Deputy Logistics Officer
* Sector Commander
* Accommodation Officer
* Local Government Advisor
* Situation Support Officer
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and you have the skills and attributes necessary for one or more of these roles please contact the ESVA and we’ll forward you the contact details of where to apply.