Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships – Round 2

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Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is administering a new $1 million Australian Government scholarship fund to boost education development opportunities for emergency management volunteers. 

This is an excellent opportunity for emergency services volunteers to build on their knowledge and professionalism.

Round #1 recently took place in June and 19 emergency services volunteers from across Western Australia submitted their applications. Petrina and Matt give you an insight into why they applied.

Volunteer Testimony
I have been a volunteer at Augusta Margaret River SES since the beginning of 2017. I have always been interested in humanitarian and emergency related areas, professionally and personally, and have been looking at options for relevant study for a few years.

When I became aware of applying for this scholarship, it seemed a great opportunity to pursue this interest – Petrina.



Volunteer Testimonial

Completing this education will further build on the skill and knowledge I have already developed through more than 10 years in the emergency sector. Just because we are volunteers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be constantly seeking to advance our skills and knowledge in our field.

Applying for this scholarship is a great step in helping me achieve that – Matt.



Types of study

Emergency services volunteers registered with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services can undertake studies in accredited units or courses in emergency and disaster management vocational training/education, and higher education.


The scholarship is for reimbursement of education and training costs incurred by an approved volunteer applicant. In addition, AIDR may agree to pay reasonable accommodation and travel costs that are essential for study and must be approved (by AIDR) in advance.

How to apply

Details regarding the application process are outlined in the Volunteer Portal or available with your District Officer or Community Emergency Services Manager.

Application Round #2 closing Friday 29 September 2017

Emergency services volunteers can apply on the AIDR website, however all applications must be endorsed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

For further details about these scholarships, visit the Volunteer Portal or talk to your local District Officer or Community Emergency Services Manager.